Permeating Beauty.
Recovering Bright and Elastic Skin by Changing Skin Environment Damaged from Busy Daily Routines.
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Wellstox Healer

Cells in the skin wake up.

It is a skin regeneration healer that improves physiological conditions inside damaged
skin by delivering polynucleotide (PN), a biocomposite.

Main Component : PN(Polynucleotide) 2%
Recommended area : Entire facial area
Capacity/Packing Unit : 2cc * 2syringes / box

Purpose of use : Wrinkles, elasticity, and skin tone improvement
Relative viscosity :


You need a skin healing care to improve
thin inner skin healthily

Thinned dermis with aging and damage

Healthy skin structure and dermis layer

Expert evaluation of improvement


No change

- In the expert improvement evaluation, 91% of the medical staff judged that the
improvement was improved. (Reduction of fine wrinkles on the skin surface observation of skin
improvement around the eyes, cheeks, and neck.)

- Evaluation VAS satisfied by subject: 7.1 points (0-10 points subjective evaluation)

< Procedure protocol >

2~4cc / times based on full face
2~4 weeks interval, maintenance after a total of 3 treatments(6-month interval)
Skin anesthesia (cream) -> treatment -> sedation management
- Injection depth Superficial dermis, intradermal
- Injection amount (per point) 0.02~0.05mL
- Injection interval 0.5~2cm (one from the other)

Elasticity and texture evaluation

The elasticity and roughness values of the three groups before injection were statistically the same,
but the elasticity and texture of the PN group improved the most compared to the control group at 4 weeks after the procedure.

Elasticity evaluation

After administering Wellstox Healer around the eyes and under the eyes, it was possible to observe the improvement
of the subjects’ eye wrinkles, texture, skin tone, melanin level, and elasticity compared to before the procedure.
Also, in the subjective efficacy evaluation, they responded that they experienced effects such as improvement of wrinkles
around the eyes, alleviation of dark circles, and filling under the eyes after Wellstox treatment.