Hyaluronic acid

Filling Up Beauty.
Adding Natural Volume to Hyaluronic Acid’s Safety.
Elasticity Design for you, QH Bio.


Two layers coexist.

It creates a natural lifting effect in the form of multi-layered phasics.

Product lines

Fine Deep Shape
Type Multi-Layered Phasic
Technology R Technology (R Square Technology)
HA concentration 20mg/ml 20mg/ml 20mg/ml
Injection Depth Mid dermis Deep dermis SubQ layer
Needle Suplied 27G 1/2', 30G 1/2' 2ea X 27G 1/2' 25G 1/2', 27G 1/2'
Volume 2 Syringes X 1ml 2 Syringes X 1ml 2 Syringes X 1ml

R Square Technology

It is a new process that combines PASTE with revolution and rotation
to uniformly mix two high viscosity formulations.

The GEL from TIRAMER fillers fills the lines completely and
the PARTICLES hold out the gel strongly.

Layer A (Cross-linked gel)
Layer B (Cross-linked particles)
**After implanting it into the body, Layer type

R Square Technology maintains the shape of a cross-linking gel surrounding the cross-linking particles
by mixing GEL and PARTICLE evenly, and reduces the unnaturalness of the resilient cross-linking particles directly contacting the treatment site.



Complex Viscosity


Storage Modulus


Loss Modulus

Fine 1.18E+06 134.61 62.594
Deep 1.37E+06 168.08 3.582
Shape 3.01E+06 346.25 153