Hyaluronic acid

Filling Up Beauty.
Adding Natural Volume to Hyaluronic Acid’s Safety.
Elasticity Design for you, QH Bio.


Cross-linked Hyaluronic Acid

Maximum Hyaluronic Acid Viscosity with 3-Step Nano Meshing Technique
Type Volume With Lido. Ingredient Injection Location
Soft 50ml X 1 Vial None Sodium
Hyaluronate Gel
Breast and buttock

Fast and easy procedure
Resume daily activities right after the procedure
Delivering safe and effective results

LCCP technology

(LLCP : Low Control Cross-linking Process)

Maximize the viscosity of the cross-linked HA by applying the 3 step nano meshing process.

Pure Cross-linked HA gel type

ARTLINE uses high purity, non animal polymeric hyaluronic acid and provides safety
and long-lasting effect which minimize swelling after treatment and help maintain the appearance of the procedure.